Tycobrahe Octavia

Tycobrahe Octavia

The Unit & its Shipping Crate

Tycobrahe Octavia Inside

The Inside

Tycobrahe Octavia Schematic

The Schematic

Tycobrahe Octavia Wiring Diagram

The Wiring Diagram

Octavia Reverse Engineered Schematic

The Reverse Engineered Schematic

This is the schematic, traced from the pedal that was brought, by a "Jeff Beck" crew member, to Tycobrahe Sound for repair, which became the genesis of the Tycobrahe Guitar Pedal line. The polarity "fixes" that resulted when the demarked transistors were removed and analyzed on a Tektronix curve tracer may be seen on this first draft.

The pedal was powered by a single 9V battery when it arrived and it was housed in a flimsy metal case. The original ended up in the trash and one of the first new Tycobrahe designs was returned to the band.

Note the extra zero in the feedback loop which is NOT in the Tycobrahe version, nor the other schematics posted on the internet, nor included in any of 21st century clones to my knowledge.