Two Many Tone Generator

This project started out to be a simple low distortion two-tone generator but... it developed a severe case of feature creep so, now, it generates:

Single Tone Display

1. Single Tones from 100-6400 Hz in 100 Hz steps plus a quadrature output for Silly Side Band experiments

Two Tone Display

2. Two Tones with a 300, 400 or 500 Hz low frequency and a 1700-3200 Hz high frequency in 100 Hz steps The Sync output (lower trace) is derived from the lowest output frequency.

Three Tone Display

3. Fifteen Triple Tones combining two each of 300, 400 & 500 Hz with a 5 different high frequencies

Noise Display

4. White Noise, shown in pulse mode The Sync output follows the pulse gate in pulse mode

All of these signals may be either continuous or pulsed with a 50% duty cycle at the rate of 10, 20 or 50 cycles of the lowest frequency being generated.

Finally, the generator has crystal accuracy and -90dB distortion.

Hardware Software