Radio Parts Wanted

Since photos are worth lots of typing, I've shot similar items
in lieu of lengthy descriptions

Thanks in advance for the "stock check"


Jennings -- JCSF-150-15 vacuum capacitor.
This part is 1-5/8" diameter & 1-5/8" high. Seeking two units.


Jennings -- Y1 (or CY-1), 1pF fixed, vacuum cap; prefer glass over ceramic, they're cuter!


Jennings -- CMV1-1000 (left above) or a Comet CV03C-1000 (right above) vacuum capacitors.
Several shaft options (trailing letter) are acceptable. Seeking 2 parts


Eimac -- 4CX600JA tubes, new or used checked good are fine


Simpson -- Model 1227 Zero Center Meters -- 25-0-25 uA, 50-0-50 uA or 100-0-100 uA movement/scale are fine.


Westinghouse -- RX-33 series meters (2" square) or NX-33 (round) -- seeking 500V and 150V scales.
Also any white letters/numbers on black background (center above) or
units with offset zero (above right) are of interest.


Westinghouse -- RX-35 series meters (3" square) or NX-35 (round) -- seeking 150V and 150mA scales.
Any intrinsic movement will be fine.


Hewlett Packard -- Top & bottom front trim panels from a Series 1 cabinet which has a flat front panel contained in the grooves of those rails like a 140/141 series and some of the 8000 series instruments. Typical HP part numbers are 5020-6850 (top) and 5020-6851 (bottom). Seeking two pair .


Various Manufacturers -- A few old (early/mid 1990's vintage) 16M (x8 or x9) 30 Pin SIMM Memories