Application Notes

These are originals unless noted.

ATT DSP 16 Application Note collection: DTMF Receiver, CCITT Coder, ADPCM Transcoder, Noise Generators, Disk Servo Controller. Like new. $7 all

ATT DSP 32 Application Note collection: DTMF Receiver, Linear Prediction DTMF ReceiverDSP Calculator, Code Generator, Digital Filters, Kalman Filters. Like new. $7 all

Airpax -- The Contact Modulator -- 8 booklet series by the Engineering Staff of Airpax with more than anyone ever needed to know about choppers. About 30 pages per booklet. Very good condition 1958-1960 -- $50

General Electric Nickel-Cadmium Battery Application Engineering Handbook -- 1971 plus supplemental volume 1973. Just a bit of writing on the cover of the first book, otherwise very good condition. $10 both books.


Microchip Embedded Control Handbook V.1, 1997 -- $15

   Motorola     National     RCA

Sharp LH9124 Application Note collection: Fast Fourier Transform, DFT Filter Bank, Time Domain Convolution, Medical Tomograpy Imaging, Multichannel Echo Cancellation, Spectral Analysis, Image Correlation, Image Compression, 2-D TimeDomain Convolution, Fast Convolution, Constant False Alarm Rate Analysis. Like new. $7 all

Siliconix MOSPOWER Applications -- Hardbound 1985. Approx. 200 pages. Excellent condition, $40.

Telmos TMG6000 Semi-Custom Array -- $5

TMS320 DSP Designer's Notebook -- by Texas Instruments -- Notes 1-81 inclusive plus index, 1992 - 1996. Loose sheets. $10

Williamson Amplifer Data Collection Two Acrosound Transformer Catalogs, copies of two Radio Electronics constuction articles from the '50's, 6550 tube data sheet, Chicago BO-13 & BO-14 transformer data sheets, Two Stancor application notes detailing Williamson amps., plus a couple loose schematics -- $10 all