Electronic Books

These are originals unless noted.

ABC's of Transistors by George Mann, First Edition, Fourth Printing, August 1961. Very Good condition. 96 pages. $4

Aerodynamics Handbook by North American Aviation. November 1956 revision. Small 6 ring loose leaf binder. Very Good condition. Approx. 140 pages. $15

Amateur Single Sideband by Collins Radio. 1962 Hardbound. Excellent condition except one previous owner's name in ink on p.106. 143 pages -- $50

Antenna Engineering Handbook by Jasik, McGraw Hill, first edition, 1961. Hardbound. Excellent condition. Approx. 800 pages. $40

Antenna Engineering Handbook by Johnson and Jasik, McGraw Hill, second edition, 1984.  Hardbound.  Excellent condition with pristine dust jacket.  Approx. 1000 pages. $50

Antique Radio Classifieds -- May, June, July (2 copies), August 1985 -- $1 all


Basic Concepts of Logic Analysis by Tektronix, 1988. Spiral Bound, like new, approx. 100 pages. -- $5

Confidential Frequency List by Ferrell, 6th edition, 1984. 300 pages. -- $3

The Contact Modulator -- 8 booklet series by the Engineering Staff of Airpax with more than anyone ever needed to know about choppers. About 30 pages per booklet. Very good condition 1958-1960 -- $50

Data Transmission by Bennett and Davey, McGraw Hill, 1965, Hardbound. Hardbound, excellent condition w/ slightly worn dust jacket. 350 pages. $15

Dictionary of Electronic Terms by Allied Radio Corp, Eighth Edition, First Printing, May 1968. 112 pages. $4

Electronic Filter Design Handbook by Williams, McGraw Hill, first edition, 1981. Hardbound. Excellent condition w/dust jacket. Approx. 500 pages. $20

Electronics and Radio Engineering by Terman, McGraw Hill, fourth edition, 1955. Hardbound. Excellent condition. 1078 pages. $25

Electronics in Engineering by Hill, McGraw Hill, second edition, 1961. Hardbound. Excellent condition. 340 pages. $10

Electronics Engineering Manual, Volume 5 -- Electronics Magazine article compendium. Very good condition. 252 pages -- $10

Electronics Engineer's Reference Book by Mazda, Butterworths, fifth edition, 1983. Hardbound, excellent condition w/ slightly worn dust jacket. Approx. 900 pages -- $25

Electronic Shortcuts for Hobbyists by Sylvania Electric Products. Second edition, first printing, 1951. Cover separated, otherwise good condition. 35 pages. $3

5 Meter Radiotelephony by Frank Jones -- This is a REPRINT of a 1934 booklet Excellent condition 20 pages or so $2

Having Fun with Transistors by Len Buckwalter, Howard W. Sams, First Edition, First Printing, 1962. Very good condition. 127 pages. $4

Hewlett Packard Measurement News February/March issue... somewhere in the 60's. $1

Hewlett Packard 5091-5342E, Feeling Comfortable with Logic Analyzers. Approx. 20 pages, like new, $3


Information Transmission, Modulation and Noise by Schwartz, McGraw Hill, 1959, Hardbound. Excellent condition. 460 pages. $15

The Instrument Sketch Book -- Weston Electrical Instruments, 32 pages, © 1941. Softbound, good condition with some writing on first five or so blank facing pages that were intended for note taking in this educational piece. $10

Intel ASM86 Language Reference Manual -- 1981. $5

Low Level Measurements by Keithley. 1984, 125 pages. Softbound, excellent condition. $5

Magnetic Amplifier Circuits by Geyger, McGraw Hill, second edition, 1957. Hardbound, cover ripped at spine, previous owner(s) info inside front, insides good. 392 pages. $10

Components for Microcomputer System Design by Dave Bursky, Hayden, 1980. Large format, softbound, excellent condtion, 250 pages. $5

Most Often Needed 1926-1938 Radio Diagrams -- originally published by Supreme Publications 1941. This is a REPRINT, by Vintage Radio. 240 pages, solid schematics! Like new, $10

National Bureau of Standards -- Report #5589 Facilites & Services of the Electronic Calibration Center Radio Standards Laboratory, 1958.-- $3

Navy Department -- Bureau of Aeronuatics Manufacturing Operations Section 20 booklets, 5" x 7˝" totaling 2˝" thick of perhaps a set of 30, detailing metal forming for aircraft construction. A couple of the covers are loose, otherwise very good condition. Copyright 1943-44 -- $25

101 Easy Audio Projects by Brown & Kneitel, First Edition, First Printing, 1968. 168 pages. $4

102 Simple Transistor Projects by Kneitel, Seventh Printing, 1969. 120 pages. $4

Principles of Permanent Magnet Moving Coil & Movable Iron Types of Instruments -- Monograph B-7 by Weston Electrical Instrument Corp, 1933. Cover a mite worn, insides excellent. 95 pages. $20

Programming the 6502 by Rodnay Zaks, Sybex. 1978. 300 pages. $7

Radar Electronic Fundamentals T.O.16-1-195 -- US Navy Technical manual. June 1, 1944. Good Condition except for water damage on front edge; no pages stuck nor ink bleed. 474 pages. $5

Radio Collector's Guide 1921-1932 -- revised edition. Langley & McMahon, Vintage Radio. Excellent conditon. 1981. $7

Radio Fundamentals TM11-455 -- US ARMY Technical manual. 22 May 1944. Good Condition except for owner's sticker inside front cover and a little writing on title page. 333 pages. $5


Reference Data for Radio Engineers by ITT, Howard W. Sams, sixth edition, 1983.  Hardbound.  Excellent condition with dust jacket.  Approx. 1000 pages. $40

Servomechanisms & Regulating System Design -- by Chestnut & Mayer. Previous owners name written inside cover, otherwise excellent condition, 500 pages. 1951 -- $7

Superheterodyne Converters and IF Amplifiers by Alexander Schure. Rider. Second edition 1963. 100 pages. Very Good condition. $5

Sylvania Gold Brand 26.5 Volt Subminiature Tubes Complete data, including many curves, on this product line. 1960, Large format, softbound, 84 pages. Very Good condition. $10

Techniques for Signal and System Analysis by Tektronix. Spiral Bound, like new, approx. 100 pages. -- $5

Transistor Radio Servicing made easy by Lemons, Second Edition, Fourth Edition, 1968. Very good condition. 144 pages. $4

Transistors by Louis Garner Jr., 2nd edition, 1954. Coyne Publishing distributed by Howard W. Sams. 105 pages Very Good condition $4

Tuned Circuits by J.M. Quinn, 1943. Small hardcover book 52 pages. Very Good condition, one page is punched with Los Angeles Public Library ID. $4

UHF Television Antennas & Converters by Lytel, Rider, 1st ed, 1953. Very Good condition. 115 pages, $4

Understanding Transistors by Allied Radio. 1962 First Edition, first printing. Good condition 96 pages. $4

U.S. Army Satellite Communications Agency Flyer. 1963 -- $1

U.S. Naval Communication Reserve "Tickler" 40 pages of pre-war newsletter that escaped a paper drive. Cover rough, insides OK. February 1941 -- $20

Vacuum Tube Voltmeters by John F. Rider, © 1941, printed 1942, hardbound, cover a little worn, original owners name & his Pearl Harbor posting written inside front cover, otherwise good condition, 180 pages. $10

Varactor Applications by Penfield & Rafuse, MIT Press 1962. Hardbound, good condition with original paper jacket under plastic cover, owners name on frontleaf and on two edges, 620 pages. $15

Williamson Amplifer Data Collection Two Acrosound Transformer Catalogs, copies of two Radio Electronics constuction articles from the '50's, 6550 tube data sheet, Chicago BO-13 & BO-14 transformer data sheets, Two Stancor application notes detailing Williamson amps., plus a couple loose schematics -- $10 all