Old Radio Knobs

These are all used, most have set screws,
with nothing worse than minor scuffs and smudges and fit 1/4" shafts, unless noted.

Harry Davies
#1206 1-3/8" knobs 5 for $10
Short (1-3/16")pointer knob unfilled indicator line -- Not sure if this is Davies... There are a box of these -- 2/$1

Kurz-Kasch-- 600 series, $20 for all -- These look like what was on some 1950's Hammarlund, Eico & Knight Kit stuff
#642 1.5" skirted knob (1)
#S-645 .75" skirted knob w/indicator line (1)
#647 1" skirted knob w/indicator line (3)
#S-647 1" skirted knob w/indicator line (9)
#653 1.5" skirted knob w/indicator line (5)

Not quite as old Radio Knobs

Kenwood 5cm diameter knobs that look like they are from a Kenwood TS-830 (main tuning knob) or similar
      One that's been backfilled with shot to give it some heft -- $7
      The plastic spinner version -- $15

National type HRK, Black, 2-3/8" diameter. Somewhat scuffed, probably buff up OK -- $5

National type HRT, Black, 2-1/16" diameter. Chrome plated trim rings somewhat tarnished -- $5 ea

Other Knobs

Beckman model 901 Duodial for a 10 turn potentiometer NIB -- $10

Tycobrahe Guitar Pedal Knobs -- Used on the Octavia, Parapedal, Pedalflanger & Direct Box -- New, $25 ea.

There are also many knobs from 1960's Tektronix and Hewlett Packard oscilloscopes plus a few General Radio knobs. If anyone has any need, please inquire.