Homebrew Radio Things

Many hams build things with a large investment in time & parts
that are worth far less... later.   Here are some items from the estate stuff I've
been selling that fit that description -- priced accordingly.

Unless noted, most of the items below are built on PCB material and most
of the enclosures are made by soldering pieces of PCB material into a box
-- not all sides may be present!   Batteries not included!   A few of
these devices come with schematics, mostly not.   The wiring is all open
enough that you can generally see what is going on.


PL Tone generator -- Wein Bridge Oscillator powered by two 9 volt batteries (not included). - $1

Touch Tone Encoder -- Western Electric Touch Tone Dial mounted in a 4"x4"x2" metal enclosure with power switch.   Has a 4 pin DIN connector plus matching cable terminated in a 1/8" mini plug. -- $2


NE556 Oscillator Circuit -- Two pots with anodized gold (colored) knobs, pwr. sw., LED,. & Banana jack outputs -- $3

1 Mhz Oscillator -- built on a small piece of perfboard with an HC-6 crystal on the back.   Checked and seems to run on about 15-20 volts. There are a few of these. -- $4 ea.

PPG Electronics project #880-CB -- 13.5V 2 Amp, power supply kit, unbuilt.   Most parts are under shrink wrap.   Power transformer & main filter cap are missing.-- $2


VHF thing mostly complete -- Double sided circuit board with 3 Motorola MWA120 amplifiers, 5 coils, mounted in Bud 4" x 2-1/4" x 1.5" aluminum box with a BNC connector (unwired).   Looks to be finished except for power & I/O -- $15

435 MHz power splitter -- N connectors (3).   This is made out of brass sheet stock and is about 15" long by 1" square.-- $10


VHF thing just started -- Pomona 4" x 2.5" x 1.5" cast box with a couple 160-104 capacitors, BNC connectors, a miniature 50K bourns pot., 6 capacitors mounted to gold plated terminals with a very pretty gold flashed internal shield structure.   Nothing is soldered -- this was just started. -- $10


Two Meter to 24-28 MHz receiving converter -- At least I think that's what it is... -- 5" x 4" x 1.75" -- $10

transistor checker

Transistor Tester -- per July 76 Ham Radio, p.40.   Aluminum case.   NPN/PNP select switch is broken but, a replacement is included along with a copy of the article.   Nice sealed Weston 50uA meter.-- $12