Audio Equipment


Adcom GFT-1A AM-FM Tuner $150

A classic esoteric tuner.
  Block diagram silk screened on top of the unit to impress you & your guests!
  19" rack mount form factor

Dynaco Stereo 120 Amplifer Parts removed from a factory wired unit

Two amplifier PCB Assemblies (one has a missing corner but, the traces are intact) plus the power supply board, less transistors -- $25 all

The five large chassis mounted electrolytics, with mounting clamps and output coils -- $25 all

Power Transformer -- $50

JBL S8R (LE15, PR15, 375, HL93, 075, LX5, N7000) Stereo Speaker system in 40"x28"x26" custom cabinets.   All original 1973 vintage AlNiCo magnet components.   $6000

Metron PR-1, Metron, Pre-amplifier. $300

A classic esoteric pre-amplifier commissioned and imported by Cerwin-Vega at the dawn of the Japanese "Black Period".
  Two Phono inputs for the vinyl folk.
  Two Tape recorder inputs with selectable tape monitoring.
  Three addtional line inputs
  Stepped Volume, Bass & Treble controls.
  19" rack mount form factor

Omega 1600 Amplifier and 1650T FM Tuner , early 60's. extremely rare (perhaps 10 pairs made) in this natural aluminum finish variant w/wood trim. And working!!! $2200

Onkyo T15 AM-FM Stereo Tuner

A classic tuner from the Japanese "Silver Period" with LED dial pointer slide rule tuning.   LED stepped signal strength indicator.   Servo locked FM AFC automatically disengages when knob is turned and engages when knob is released.   Actually made with some care in Japan, unlike all the recent electronic crap flooding in from ... elsewhere.   $100

Programination, Inc Syncretizer 3; Whatever that is...1U size, 19" rack mount case. $50.

Technics RS-B12 Cassette Recorder $100

  A classic unit from the Japanese "Silver Period" including Dolby-B Noise Reduction
  This is a 2 Head Design with Metal / Chrome / Normal Tape Selects & Auto Shutoff.

Transis-Tronics (TEC) S-15 Integrated amplifier circa 1961, a couple scuffs on top of the cabinet but, otherwise in great shape considering the age. And it works! $250

Tycobrahe Sound

Tycobrahe Guitar Pedal Original Equipment Service Parts from the time closet (circa 1976)

PCB Assembly final (the good!) version, last one -- $500
Potentiometer set 3 pcs. -- $50
Delay Integrated circuit -- $40
TL044 Quad Op Amp -- $20
MPSA18 Transistor -- $10
1N270 GI package of 25 -- $25
Shipping "crate" (the blue foam liner has gone but, is easily replaced) -- $75

Potentiometer -- $25
MC1458 Op-Amp -- $5

Nylon gear for Parapedal or PedalFlanger (potentiometer side) -- $30

Output Transformer -- $500
Transistors -- MPSA18 & MPS6519 -- $10 ea
1N270 GI package of 25 -- $25
Shipping "crate" (the blue foam liner has gone but, is easily replaced) -- $75

Knobs for all pedals -- $25 ea.

AC power adapter connector -- $5

Battery retaining clips -- $3

New Tycobrahe Sound Co. clothing
Embroided satin jacket, medium. -- $750
"Octavia - Parapedal - Pedalflanger" silkscreened T-shirts, medium. -- $100 ea.