Radio Equipment

Motorola UHF Walkie Talkies  

Two Expo models w/ Rapid Chargers

One Radius P50 w/ Standard Charger base

These are two channel units.

All three are currently set up as single channel simplex on the same frequency: 461 MHz & change.

These have been resting for at least a decade and the batteries are way beyond dead.

$100 for all three sets.

Motorola Walkie Talkie Chargers  

IntelliCharge HTN9042A -- 2 available -- $20 ea.

Rapid Charger HTN9167A w/ wall wart. -- $20

Waters Universal Hybrid Coupler II -- Model 3002 w/compressor.   A fancy phone patch styled to match the Collins S-line.   This one is like new in the original box w/ original manual.   There are just a couple of hairline scratches on the sides, the front is unblemished.   The 1968 price was $72.50, now asking $100 in highly depreciated money!   :-)

VHF Amplifier -- Late '70's vintage likely Military, probably airborne, VHF power amplifier assembly. It consists of 7 almost identical amplifier assemblies clustered around a central housing that has splitter combiner networks which are plugged onto each end with a bunch of SMB connectors.   There are TNC's for the main in's & outs.   I think it was originally configured as one amp, driving two, driving four boards.  The complete assembly measures 7.5" x 5" x 3.5" overall -- the individual RF amp boards are 4.5" by 2". The outer covers are mostly missing. Each amplifier is a push pull design -- they appear to be 50 ohm in & out impedance with either PT6747 or PT6702 TRW transistors. I would guess this unit operates on 28VDC.   I don't know what frequency range it covers nor the power level though, just guessing, it probably puts out at least 100W.   And there is no manufacturer name -- probably went with the outer cover.   Six of the modules are marked OK and one, the input stage I think, is marked NO Good. The individual amps have integral heat sink plates so, they could be removed from the assembly and used separately.  Think of it as 7 amplifier boards @ $10 ea -- Bare PCB's would cost as much! -- $75