8877 Linear Amplifier Remote Control

8877 Remote

Remote Control -- All signals between the amplifier and the remote control are optoisolated to preclude ground loops.   The ALC circuit to the exciter and the "transmit" input from it are similarly isolated.

ALC indicator -- An LED ALC indicator to display any activity on this line.   A one-shot multivibrator is included in the LED drive circuit to extend transient pulses to a clearly visible duration.

Meters -- The meter assignment is typically made in pairs:
Forward Power / Reverse Power
Tune / Load
Plate Current / Grid Current
Plate Voltage / Heater Voltage
Each meter may also be assigned individually to any of the above parameters.

VFD Readout -- A 4 line by 20 character Vacuum Flourescent display shows the following:
The top line denotes the current assignment of the two analog meters directly above.
The second line denotes the current amplifier mode
The third line denotes the current setting of the knob directly below
The fourth line denotes the current function of the knob directly below

Knobs -- The left knob assigns the analog meters
The center knob is manual tune
The right knob is manual load

Switches --
Power on / off
Peak metering -- Select peak hold function for the analog meters, both on the amplifer and the remote.
Auto tune -- Start an Autotune cycle.
Mode selection

RF Deck Control Power Supply Remote Control