A 4CX600JA (x2) Linear Amplifier

"The Unnecessarytron"

4CX600JA "Kit"
as it might have arrived from Electronics Service, Unit No. 16

    Parts is parts.... The major items are

Across the bottom from the left side:
    A pair of loctal sockets.
    A pair of 4CX600JA's.
    A pair of Johnson 124-0113 screen bypass caps.
           Thanks to Phil, VA3UX for donating these!
    A 5000pF plate coupling cap. 
    A pair of Rotron Biscuit fans.
    The plate transformer core.
    The HV rectifiers.
    The parts for the antenna relay & power sense assembly
	   Jennings RJ-1A vacuum relay
       A reed relay
       N & BNC connectors	
       43 material cores for the cross coupled power sensor
The next row above:	
    A neon indicator lamp.
    A Grayhill Keyswitch
    A Master Specialties lighted pushbutton switch
    Two Hobbs timemeters 
    Two more Master Specialties lighted pushbutton switches
    Two Optical Rotary Encoders & Raytheon knobs

And just behind those:
    Ten Simpson type 1227 meters	
    Nine Hewlett Packard digital readouts 
    A bezel for the readouts & also one for the status LEDs.
          Thanks to Stu's Model Shop for making these parts.
    Five Trimmer potentiometers for bias adjustments.
    Three Pittman gearhead motors
       with flexible couplers, gears & 10 turn potentiometers just above.
    A 12 position switch for the grid circuit
    MHV connectors M&F for the Plate Supply
    Three filter caps for the Plate Supply
    Chokes for the Power Factor Corrector
    The case for the antenna switching & power sensing circuitry

The back row:
    A Hewlett Packard Series 1 instrument cabinet with a replacement front panel.
       with the power cord and some aluminum panels for the RF compartment
    A 5-500 pf 5KV Vacuum Capacitor for the Plate
    A 50-1400 pf 1.8KV Vacuum Capacitor for loading
    A JSLF-450 Vacuum Capacitor to pad the Plate tune on 160 meters.
    A homebrew right angle drive
    A Radio Switch Model 86 bandswitch
    The RF compartment just behind these temporarily taped together 
	   with some teflon sheet for the plate air flow containment.
    PFC input rectifier
    Power & Step Start Relays
    The PFC rectifier 
    The chassis AC connector
    15 amp circuit breaker
    Line filter
    Finally the low voltage Switching Power supply for the motors, logic & grid bias.
The very upper right:
   The top of the cabinet 
   RG-402 for the Pi-L coils
   Quarter inch copper tubing to increase the diameter of the high end of the Pi coil.     
Finally, over the top, a couple lengths of 1/4" square aluminum extrusion 
      to fasten the RF compartment together.