4-1000A Lamps

4-1000A Lamps

Here's a way to produce 5 watts of light while consuming only 300 watts of electricity -- Tom Edison step aside!

The tubes are clear envelope low emission pulls. The sockets and plate caps are Eimac SK-510's and HR-8's respectively. The transformers are Chicago Standard part no. F-725.

Silver plated copper straps soldered to the filament terminals of the sockets, formed and punched to bolt to the secondary of the transformer, provide both electrical connection and mechanical support. The grid terminals are bussed together by a semicircle of the same material. A small piece soldered the socket's grid terminal is connected to the center tap of the transformer secondary.

An 18 gauge line cord is connected to the transformer primaries and it exits the rear of the lamp. The cord is retained by a small strain relief fastened to the center mounting hole of the transformer frame.

The pair are connected to the AC mains via a commercial (triac) lamp dimmer to provide brightness control as 5 watts can be too illuminating for some occasions.